Race & Safety

Safety Information

While the Event Organisers have taken every reasonable measure to ensure your safety, as a participant of the Run & Walk Events Series, you are responsible for your own safety and enter this event at your own risk.

Safety has been at the forefront of our planning. Not only the safety of participants, but also the safety of our marshals and the public, with considerable planning being undertaken in association with the relevant local authorities.

It is important that you read the following safety message in conjunction with your Waiver and Declaration and adhere to each of the safety guidelines of the event:

  • The course that you will run along may include public roads.
  • These roads are not closed to vehicular traffic. Please treat all roads as OPEN to all traffic at all times.
  • Where possible a coned lane has been provided for you to run in.
  • At all times you must remain within the coned lane.
  • Participants that persist in running outside the coned lane will be removed from the event for their own safety and the safety of the public.
  • Please be aware of vehicles exiting from driveways, business addresses and side streets along the course.
  • If you are instructed to stop anywhere along the course by either a marshal to allow traffic to cross the course you must obey this request.
  • If you have a medical condition that may require attention please ensure you have your doctor’s clearance before entering this event.
  • Support Stations are located at approximately 2km to 8km intervals and these have hydration refreshments, and minor first aid support.
  • At all times please obey the instructions of marshals and beware of vehicular traffic.
  • Any participant who fails to obey the instructions of either a marshal or event official will be removed from the event.
  • Please obey all traffic laws and regulations at all times.
Public Roads

All events are run on public roads. Participants should not assume a road is closed and should always run on the footpath unless it is obvious that it is safe to do otherwise.

For your safety, if you are advised by an Event Official, or a Marshal, please immediately move onto the footpath to continue the event. Any participant who continues to run on the road after being requested to move onto the footpath will be removed from the event.

Race Rules

The following minimum age restrictions are in place:

  • Age 7 – KIDS EVENT
  • Age 10 – 5km Walk
  • Age 13 – 5km Run
  • Age 14 – 10km
  • Age 16 – 21.1km
  • Age 18 – 32km

Note: All entrants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of the event (except for kids events) and the accompanying adult takes full responsibility for the safety of the entrant under 16.

The age of the entrant will be that person’s age on race day.

Race Etiquette

In the interest of providing a safe and enjoyable event experience for all participants, competitors should be mindful of race etiquette:

  • The use of ipods/mp3 players is discouraged.
  • Position yourself within the start field relative to your ability and your goal time so that faster participants start closer to the start line than you and are not impeded.
  • Keep to the left of the course to allow people to pass on the right.
  • Do not stop or change directions suddenly.
  • Be courteous to your fellow participants at all times.
  • Always follow the directions of all race officials.
Wheelchairs, Cycles, Roller Blades, Prams/Buggies, Skate-Boards

After careful consideration and in consultation with local authorities, due to considerable safety and logistical concerns on the course, all forms of wheeled conveyance including but not limited to wheelchairs, cycles, roller blades, prams/buggies, skate-boards etc are not permitted to enter or participate in the event.

Single baby buggies only (not double or triple) will be allowed in the 5-8km Walk (not Run) Events ONLY. The occupant of the baby buggy cannot walk in the event and will not be charged an entry fee.

Note: Additionally, no dogs/pets/animals or non-registered persons will be allowed to accompany participants in the event.

Walkers & Time Splits

The Run & Walk Events Series is not a competitive walk event and will not be scrutinized as a walk event.

For those wishing to use the lead up series events to ensure they make the Bridge by cut-off time for the ASB Auckland Marathon, all participants can wear a watch and aim to be 9min per KM or faster in order to prepare the correct pacing.

Race Numbers

The Race Number must be worn on the front of your singlet/shirt and be visible at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or you being removed from the course during the event.

Timing System

Timing Sports provides timing services for Run & Walk Events and are contracted to deliver and manage the timing and final results for the Event Organisers.

This timing system has many advantages for all participants, including:

  • Fast and accurate results at the event.
  • Net times; the timing chip will register individual start times, even when participants are at the back of the pack.
  • Provisional results are based on gun time and will be posted at the finish venue on race day.
  • Results published to the web site for you, your family and friends.

All participants will be issued with a timing chip when picking up their Race Number at Registration. You will need to take responsibility for your timing chip.

Note: The KIDS EVENT will be timed therefore KIDS EVENT participants will receive a timing chip with their race number.

On Race Day, the timing chip must be tied to your shoe laces before you start and be worn on your shoe throughout the race and over the finish line. There will be timing mats at the start line for the all events and at the finish line so that when you finish, the race timing software will calculate your net time for your event. Please ensure you run over all timing mats and not alongside them.

Note: All Individual Event Participants must remove the timing chip from your shoe and place it in the collection box at the end of the finish chute. It is your responsibility to return the timing chip via the collection box in the finish chute before leaving the finish area. All non-returned timing chips will be charged to you at $25.00 incl GST each.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Series Participants must keep their timing chips and race bib numbers for the duration of the series. It is the responsibility of the Series Participant to look after the timing chip and race bib number and wear these correctly at each event. All Series Participants must return their timing chip at the last event series after finishing the final Run & Walk Event.

If you do not finish the event, please ensure you return the timing chip to the Timing Chip Collection officials at the end of the finish chute or mail it back to us at:
Run & Walk Events
Private Bag M129, 300987
Albany 0632

PLEASE NOTE: All non-returned timing chips will be charged to you at $25.00 incl GST each.

Start and Finish

Important please sign up for our newsletter or check the website & facebook page the week prior to your event as we may alter start times to accommodate numbers and anything else unforeseen that may arise in the interim. Up to date start times will be placed on each events main page on www.runwalk.co.nz

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the responsibility of the participant to know the correct start time for their chosen event.

If you are a Walker please start behind the Runners.

Competitor Briefing

In order to ensure everyone involved is well informed, competitors will be briefed: on the event website; via written information via eNewsletter, at the event briefing(s), by day race updates before the start and on event day information boards.

A full briefing in English will be at the start line area at 10 mins prior to the start of each event. All competitors will be attending. Briefing will take approx 5 mins.
Please contact racedirector@runwalk.co.nz if you have trouble speaking/interpreting English and we will provide you with a special briefing in written form.

Support Station

At a minimum, Support Stations will be located every lap. Each Support Station will include water and Powerade Isotonic or other form of electrolyte replacement drink.

Special Drinks

Special drinks will be the responsibility of each individual participant. The organisers will provide a table for these drinks at the main Support Station. All Special Drinks must be clearly labelled and placed on the Special Drinks Table by the participant (near the end of each lap/start area).

Finish Procedure

After crossing the finish line, participants will proceed through the finish area. St John First Aid support is on hand if required. A final support station is positioned within this area and will have water available.

All Individual Event Participants will be required to return their timing chip to race officials before exiting the finish chute. Public, family and friends will be excluded from within this secure finish area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Series Participants must keep their timing chips and race bib numbers for the duration of the series. It is the responsibility of the Series Participant to look after the timing chip and race bib number and wear these correctly at each event. All Series Participants must return their timing chip at the last event series after finishing the final Unitec Run & Walk Event.

Cut-Off Times

Time restrictions may be in place for the longer events. These will be advertised prior. For longer distances, we may offer an early start time for walkers and runners. Please contact us if you think this may be of interest to you.


Medical support will be located at the start/finish area, which will also be at the end of each lap for those completing in the longer events. In the event of a medical emergency, dial 111 from the nearest phone and the closest ambulance will be sent to your aid.

If you have a medical condition that could cause you difficulties during or after the race, please first get clearance from your doctor to participate in your event before entering.

Please inform registration staff of any medical conditions cleared by your doctor.

For your safety, it is advised that you do not participate in the event if you have had a fever or cold in the past week, or have a hangover, as these can contribute towards heat exhaustion, dehydration, or life threatening heatstroke.

Weather & Environment

The Run & Walk Events Series will be held at City / Park locations around greater Auckland. Temperature changes can be experienced and the weather can change within a very short time frame. Careful preparation is required by each competitor. A weather update will be posted on the Unitec Run & Walk Facebook page and Event Information page on the official Website. Please ensure you monitor the weather and dress/prepare appropriately.

For extreme weather, participants gear will be checked as each runner enters the start chute by event personnel and a verbal suggestion will be made if the gear appears less than adequate for the conditions.


Results will be posted to the www.runwalk.co.nz website by 7:00pm 2 days after the event (we have provided results within a few hours in 2016 and will endeavour to do so again in 2017). The published final official results are deemed final by the Event Organisers. For the first few days immediately following the event preliminary results are published and are subject to change pending the final allocation of results.

All participants are required to sign the event waiver and release upon entering. Participants acknowledge that the Event Organisers have the absolute right and discretion in the allocation of all results. Participants must abide fully and without dispute with all such decisions of the Event Organisers.

No discussion or correspondence regarding any results will be entered into by the Event.

Cancellation of Event Policy

In the extremely unlikely event that we are unable to hold the event we may be forced to cancel the event. This may be due to extreme weather or our venues being closed by a third party or local authority. In this unlikely situation we will implement the following procedure.

1. Notify radio stations to broadcast prepared announcement regarding the cancellation of the event. The stations to tune in to are:

  • More FM – 91.8FM
  • The Breeze – 93.4FM
  • Radio Live – 100.6FM
  • The Edge – 94.2FM
  • Solid Gold – 93.8FM
  • Kiwi – 102.2FM
  • NewsTalkZB – 89.4FM

2. A ‘Participants’ briefing to be held at regular periods at the Registration area and/or start finish area as suitable.

3. The website front page will display a notice explaining that the event has been cancelled.

4. In the event of the event being cancelled All Entry Fees are non-refundable.

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